The sustinence of life –

I note in many social media sites that everyone has a company that is second to none, products supposedly different to anyone elses, and either a cure for aging or autoimmune disorders.  Do they really ?  I would ask them, what one thing could you do that would make the biggest difference in your health.


I struggle with this one – for I do many things to promote health. But if I were to pick one today, I think it would be water.

Lately people are trying to expel the belief that we all need “ eight  10 ounce glasses of water a day” to make us healthy. They say that it is not water, but fluid we need. That fluid comes in all forms- in our foods and even in our soft drinks and high caffeine drinks.  I believe that is true- there is water in these things but that doesn’t replace our need for water.


When our cities water was not reliably tasty, and I wanted the convenience of a water cooler to encourage me to drink more ( and to find room in my fridge !! ), we switched to water in the big jugs.  Twice a week we refilled those jugs at the grocery store and carried them up our large flight of stairs, and refilled our drinking water supply.


DH was then ill – a 10 yr battle with kidney disease, 2 on dialysis and then a kidney transplant that was failing and taking his health along with it. His doctor promised  that once he was dialyzed fully again, he would feel better and start to eat again. But instead I watched pound after pound disappear off his body. His blood work showed his body was highly acidic. My sister was using the Nikken water filter and loved it. So finally I said..” it is worth a try – it is only money”.  We bought the Aqua Pour deluxe, put it on our cooler and I faithfully brought him a glass of water and a snack every couple of hours. He immediately got much worse, took to his bed and was unable to visit with company that had come from 500 miles away to see him.  I had not read on detoxification at that time, and worried. But I continued to offer him food and brought him our new Nikken filtered water.  His appetite was  minimal but he knew he couldn’t refuse the fluids. ( some of you can attest to my determination when I am on a mission !! ) Five days in, he came to the table, ordered a steak dinner, ate half of it, and was on his way to recovery. The acidity in his blood work improved as well .


Was it my water ? Was it just time ? I was not sure, but knew that not dragging big bottles up the stairs had improved my back, and I was finding little nagging aches and pains, and headaches gone away.


So.. if I was to pick, I would probably have to stay start to improved health is  with water filtered to remove all impurities and chlorine.  I would want my water to be Ph balanced, and not acidic. And you would have to kill me  to get my Nikken water filter out of my home.


And how much? I still say HALF YOUR BODY WEIGHT IN OUNCES – and add more if you drink coffee, cola, are overweight or ill.  For many of us, that is at least the proverbial eight 10 ounce glasses.

Worth a try ? You bet !

I am off to get my next glass of water.. are you off to get yours ??

About Terry Jago

Retired nurse manager interested in living my best life with natural and healthy living choices.
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