I started this blog to promote healthy eating, healthy energy and my Nikken Wellness Consultant business.  Although I love my Nikken products, and still promote that business, I have veered down a different track lately..

I have read a lot about natural skin care, and the toxins that are in our skin care.  Susan Jeske’s toxic 12 and David Suzuki’s list of toxins were good references.   Gradually I have tried products devoid of those toxins.  Beautiful products – smell nice, feel nice, but perhaps not for me ??

I had been fighting my Rosacea for several years, and slowly I watched it grow worse. It went from a few spots on my forehead and face, to my forehead being covered with red painful bumps and then it spread across my cheeks and my nose. I do not attribute this to my Nikken facial products but more my age and health condition.

Hence a new mission – eliminate all triggers, eat cleanly avoiding toxic foods, and continue to drink my 80 ounces of water a day. I sought out dermatologist’s solutions and my family doctor’s prescriptions, and ordered various remedies off the internet.

That leads me to my newest business venture. A fluke decision led me to a solution for my Rosacea and the dream of a ground floor  business. I say I am off to the ” pink car” of this century.. . remembering how Mary Kay revolutionized the world and how those who brought it to Canada sported their pink Cadillacs.  Wait till you hear more about BlackBox Cosmetics !

Keep posted !  .

About Terry Jago

Retired nurse manager interested in living my best life with natural and healthy living choices.
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