A New Passion and Brand New Skin

It was a desperate plea by a desperate lady.

” Does anyone have a natural skin care line that will help my Rosacea ??”

I had enough ! Enough of red bumpy skin.  Enough of my morning make up routine  ( green concealer under tan concealer covered with tan mineral foundation ) . My cover up would last a few hours but then I would look in the mirror.. and red would be back. The bumps would be obvious and I would be touching it up again – that is if I had any of my makeup with me !!

There is a condition that goes with Rosacea called rhinophyma  that eventually causes one to look like a ” drunk’s nose”. My nose was getting that way.. swollen, bumpy and red.

So when I  put a post on Linked in  and found that 100+ people had  products for me!  Not all of them- in fact not many of them fit my strict criteria. Any product had to be free of the Toxic 12 ingredients , preferably organic, and geared for healing skin.

A couple of the companies interested me more than the others. Marie Gagne sent me samples of BlackBox Cosmetics Restoration line. ( Geniskin wasn’t out yet but promised. )

WOW.. I loved the nice clean natural fragrance. I loved that they went on so smoothly. I loved the new feel of my skin.  But most of all, I loved that they lasted longer, needed only a small amount to cover and seemed to be healing parts of my skin.

Back to the website to really look at what I had bought into. I was impressed that aloe was the first ingredient rather than water, I googled any name I did not recognize to find them all vitamins and fruit extracts.  No wonder it was making me feel better.

When I got an email from the company that the ” acne’ line was now in the shopping cart, I decided to try it. Normally an acne line doesn’t help Rosacea but in this case, my face was clear in 2 weeks.

The amazing part ? It remains clear and bit by bit the old red marks have disappeared too.

Did you know that the other day someone told me my skin looked beautiful. My oh my.. that is a first .. and I am over 60 ( shhhh ).

About Terry Jago

Retired nurse manager interested in living my best life with natural and healthy living choices.
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3 Responses to A New Passion and Brand New Skin

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  2. Shirley says:

    Your skin looks beautiful in your picture.

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