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The Red Red World of Rosacea

I am a registered nurse so I “eat up” any medical information. So, instead of music, my car radio is tuned to DR RADIO on Xm Satellite Radio.  Sometimes, as a believer in natural health and natural products, eating well, and other holistic solutions, I shake my head at some of the things these mainstream experts state as fact.  But they do have some wonderful facts and information, and I soak it all up.

The Dermatology show seems perplexed that the incidence of Rosacea is rising and that over 14 million people suffer from it.  Although it is nice to know that you are suffering with a lot of company, I am glad that I found an answer.

However, sometimes even the natural community is not too trusting of me when I say that my final solution came in the form of something topical.

it is well known that Rosacea is not just a skin problem, but also a inflammatory condition, perhaps an autoimmune condition, and is ‘ best treated with a inside out approach”.  And how I agree – beautiful skin starts on the inside.  As a nurse I know that I can often see the health of a person on first glance, by the colour, the integrity, the clearness and the turgor of someone’s skin.

So before finding my solution in BlackBox Cosmetics’ Geniskin what had I tried ?

Firstly:  Antibiotics for 3 months, Metrogel, and Cetaphil wash – this was mostly effective for my mild rosacea for the first year or so. Metrogel is a topical antibiotic, anti fungal gel or cream. I needed the strongest %.

Over the years, that course of antibiotics was repeated with each long acting flare-up

Avoidance of triggers; cut my lovely hot shower down in time and temperature, washed my face with luke warm water, avoided cheese, wine ( in particular red ), and tried avoiding various other triggers .

And the redness progressed, and progressed, and progressed.

So I internet searched and ordered Rosacea II – two iittle blocks that I used morning and night faithfully and came with a 10 page diet and avoidance list.  Recommended 18 glasses of water a day. Well, I was at 10 so I added 8 more. Again .. this was successful for probably 6 months.. but only successful if DAILY I remembered it and only if I followed the restrictive diet.

Other companies products recommended to me with varying results from a flare up to just no effect : Mary Kay, Arbonne, Andrew Weil, Nikken, Jojoba oil, Marcelle, Clinique.

Then came a trip to Arizona- warm weather, sunscreen and faithful adherence to all of above PLUS Andrew Weils Mushroom Serum which cut down redness. By this time I was on a low carb, healthy eating plan, salads, fruit, no processed food and no red wine, no chocolate and avoiding most of the common triggers.  My face flared, my nose grew huge blind pimple like bumps that would not go away, and I was miserable.  It itched and hurt.  My solutions hardly touched this flare up.

It didn’t go away.. I added back the 18 glasses of water, I removed gluten, I ate more organic, I didn’t dare drink wine, I learned the great art of deception – make up can hide a lot if you layer it right.

My cataract doctor said fix your face before I do your eyes (obviously I had not hidden it  from him ) Strangers offered me products (not hidden from them either !), and I  tried even more antibiotics.

This is when I became that desperate lady  and my life changed. I knew of the risks of all those antibiotics, I believed in avoiding many ingredients in skin care, and I wanted results.

Funny, though Rosacea is a ” internal autoimmune disorder” my external solution has allowed me to be much less strict on my trigger avoidance. In fact, though clean eating and lots of water and avoidance of gluten and sugar is part of my life now, it is not for rosacea, but for me.

So when Geniskin by BlackBox Cosmetics has kept me clear for a year and a half  now, I get a little crusty when someone tells me if I just cleaned myself up from the inside, that would be better. I think I have – but I will stick to what works.

On my initial visit to my naturopath 6 months ago, she looked at my problem list and said ” Terry, you DON’T have Rosacea !!”  I beamed ! ( and emailed her my before picture to prove that I really did.)   She too, said it was amazing but still believed it  was in what I ate. Mmmm then why did that not work for me ( or for many on the various support sites)

So when I read of  people struggling and when I look at what my skin looked like before, I want to say, ” please hear me out ”

And a hot shower, and a spicy meal and yes, an occasional glass of red wine with friends and family is part of my life again.

And that is good.

15 thoughts on “The Red Red World of Rosacea”

  1. I had no idea there was a radtio station about medical issues. That’s awesome that you found something to work for you. I had no idea Rosacea was more than a skin condition.

    1. Oh yes.. out of New York Langone Medical Center. Even my husband now calls all the docs by name ( but he quietly switches to sports on me !!

  2. It’s so nice to hear yet another success story from someone using BlackBox Cosmetics! I love every single one of the products we sell 😀 Best of luck to you!

    Stephanie Roybal
    ISA- BBC
    Director At Melaleuca

    1. Wow .. not very often we find another BlackBox ISA ! It was an amazing transformation.. Too bad I am shy about posting my before and after pictures !

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