Special Events bring Special Memories

I am looking forward to my niece’s wedding this weekend. I have been watching Facebook as she has her stagettes, showers  and different pre wedding events and am thankful that I can feel the anticipation from afar.

I love to take my SLR camera and take photographs of the wedding. I love to work on this skill and see if I can get good pictures ( for my own albums – now that is another story ) and for sharing with others. So I anticipate this wedding as being a beautiful garden wedding and a fun reception.

It seems when you are my age, weddings come in waves. First it is you, your friends, sisters and family members, then a gap, when the next generation begins this exciting stage in their lives. It is fun to be an invited guest without all the fuss of planning.

Recent memories of weddings were a niece’s wedding on a cruise ship, a friends daughter’s wedding in the northern wooded area of Saskatchewan, a small town wedding where the whole town comes out to attend the dance, a couple of upscale weddings in a University Faculty Club,  and my own son’s wedding 7 yrs ago this week. It brings back such wonderful memories of beautiful brides, couples in love, friends having fun, and generally a great event. 

Dresses !! Of course the brides dress ( and the bridesmaids and the mothers ) trump all. Recently looking at my wedding pictures 40 yrs ago with my “turtle neck and long sleeves” certainly show how times change.

But also comes the thought of ‘ what should I wear ” and that is always a bit of a challenge. I bought a couple of dresses online that fit nice and are great but just don’t seem right, nor do they seem to fit the warm weather and potential warm venue. So I was able to find a reasonably priced dress that seems “just right’ today.

So as I pack for this weekend, I think back to other weddings and pictures of me. I am so glad to have found a solution to the rosacea that turned up in every picture of me at a wedding. Until I discovered Geniskin from BlackBox, the pictures were always a bit embarrassing. All the makeup I used to hide my redness and bumpiness would wear off by mid reception.  So, I am not packing my green coverup, and although my face may get red from the heat, those dreaded bumps will not appear.  This will be a change !

Anxious to see pictures of this wedding and compare.

About Terry Jago

Retired nurse manager interested in living my best life with natural and healthy living choices.
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2 Responses to Special Events bring Special Memories

  1. Celeste says:

    I hope your pictures came out great! I love weddings to! Congrats for your niece!

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