Infusion AM and Bronzed Infusion


Infusion AM is the product that sold me on BlackBox Cosmetics  I had asked on Linked-In for natural product that would help my Rosacea. Was I surprised to see all the answers and suggestions.  I looked through close to 100 suggestions.  Some of the companies and products were easy to eliminate as they just didn’t fit my definition of natural. I had it cut down to 3 products so accepted Marie Gagne’s offer to send me samples I knew this was great. I liked the ingredients and the lack of toxic chemicals in BlackBox Cosmetics products so now I could try them !  I received my products, washed my face with Frost and said OH MY. I loved the peppermint smell and the feel on my face. I added the Infusion AM that morning and was sold.  The smell and feel of this product is luxurious.. but clean and fresh.

By the time I was on my 3rd day ( I used it on only half my face to make it a true trial ) I was ready to buy and when I saw the low investment cost to become an ISA. I said ‘ why not “.. and asked Marie if I could do that.

Long story short.. my love of the products grew.

BlackBox is a company that is always looking at improvements.  Our Infusion AM product is a high-content Vitamin C serum containing 3 forms of Vitamin C – this vital age-defying skin nutrient. In addition to being toxin free and organically preserved, it is loaded with super anti-oxidants and skin-tighteners. It is designed to protect your skin from harmful free radicals; while firming and improving the look and texture for a more youthful appearance. AM has incredible healing properties as well.

In hopes of improving this healing and anti aging product even more, BlackBox Cosmetic’s founder, Kevin Evans  increased the amount of Vitamin C from 10% to 20%. Most people expressed that the added vitamin C outweighed the new scent and the scent did not linger on the skin and was absorbed quickly. This caused some of the older users to dislike the smell.  Responsive to their ISA’s and customers, Blackbox Cosmetics returned to the original 10% formula.

Part of the Infusion line is a tinted formulation – Bronzed Infusion.  This has a hint of brown that can cause a beautiful  almost tanned look to my face. I find it very good but because I put a little bit of mineral make up on my skin daily, felt that I was best to use this product as a bronzer for my cheeks. I love the natural look !

When I went on a trip to Florida just recently , however, I took only my Bronzed. This cause me to look less ‘ winter pale” while I enjoyed some sun .

There isn’t any sun screen in this product but I find that it does slow down the burning of my face due to the high vitamin C content.   No burnt face for me this holiday.

Ready to try ? Ask me for a sample !



About Terry Jago

Retired nurse manager interested in living my best life with natural and healthy living choices.
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4 Responses to Infusion AM and Bronzed Infusion

  1. says:

    Yes pleaseTerry , I would like any samples you have available. My daughter is using the products now as well. We are keen to try what we can before the next order.

    Thanks Michele

  2. jagoterry says:

    Michele I will send them ! I will look at your order and send what you didn’t try ! I don’t have all samples in stock but lots

  3. I have heard of Black Box before, but I never knew it had vitamin C in it…what a cool idea!

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