Out of My Comfort Zone


Out of my comfort zone

I have just survived a whirlwind of a month! I need to pull back and look, and reflect and make some real goals.. you know the drill.

If you have been following my blog or read my bio you will know that natural is the way I want my life to be.  Natural in what I put on my skin and eat and what I use in my household products. So I might be a sucker for things that enhance but still are natural and without harmful chemicals.

But perhaps my ” natural” self needed a bit of a make-over.  Or maybe it was just time to go out of my comfort zone. Whatever, I did it all this last month !! I think people think I have hit a mid life crisis – (though some argue that 63 is not mid life – I argue that I feel middle aged not senior so I will stay with that !)

In the last 8 weeks I have been on two vacations – one with my husband to Orlando and a second rather spur of the moment decision to find a friend who would like to cruise with me.  It seems like that and my day job ( which was particularly busy this month ) were  keeping my mind at full tilt. Arranging holidays out of our province or country  can be a strategic planning nightmare, and add to that arranging medical care and accommodations etc.  Travelling “alone” certainly took me out of my comfort zone but all turned out very well and I will do it again.

Then on top of that two opportunities that seemed worth investing in came to me from fellow business colleagues I respect.   Within 24 hrs I had joined two up and coming  businesses that had to do with beauty !! Beauty ! Me ? Didn’t seem to quite fit the image I had formed of myself. So as you can see by my sidebar, I have added Younique, a natural makeup company that is new in Canada and growing by leaps and bounds, and Jamberry Nails – a natural nail wrap and nail polish company that is just fun and practically sells itself.  Then I started to doubt myself – what am I doing in the beauty industry ?

I had to say WHOA Terry !! I have successfully learned about skin care through a business I knew nothing about, surely I can learn these too ! And I am having the time of my life … changing up my look a bit without compromising my casual style, changing from hiding my bitten nails to showing off longer patterned and  coloured nails.

Now advising people on how to put on nails when I have virtually ignored mine for more years than I wish to put down here, and blending eye shadows and foundation, and even thinking of contouring  colours  is a rather out of my comfort zone. Then who better to learn, teach and sell  than someone who has struggled with these things  in the past. And though it may not be what I imagined when I put down my tag line for my blog – on the path to a healthier life – self esteem, looking good and feeling good has to be part of a healthier life.

Not vanity and a wish to be perfect for sure – for that just isn’t me. Now just to put some of the chaos into order – for both have launched faster and had more interest than I had ever imagine.

Out of my comfort zone can be scary – but so far most of this has been just sheer fun !!

About Terry Jago

Retired nurse manager interested in living my best life with natural and healthy living choices.
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13 Responses to Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. Sounds awesome, Terry! You’re setting an excellent example for the rest of us.

    • jagoterry says:

      When you see some of my chaos in my evening, you may wonder about ‘ example” but if it is to step out of what you think you are… I would love to be an example of that

  2. Hi Terry, Congratulations for taking that step out. I have yet to do it completely but have in some ways. Feels great, doesn’t it?

    Have a great day. Monna

  3. Dana says:

    Hi Terry, WOW you have been a whirlwind..congrats on your new companies. Beauty suits your beautiful spirit ♥ Great post. D

  4. Michele says:

    Terry are you just a sucker for punishment? . . . More work! . . . You seem to excel in a challenge tho . . . . Or two or three!. I think we all need to go out of our comfort zone from time to time. How else can we grow as a person? Im right out of my comfort zone at the moment as well. What with moving and leaving my home behind! 😉

  5. Good for you Terry! It’s obviously a time of growth for you and as long as you’re finding each of these experiences and commitments worthwhile to you, why not?!

    I come from a family where fear ruled and crushed lives. I was so conscious of it that when I left home (2 days after I turned 18) I made a point of regularly pushing myself to push through whatever caused me to feel fear. As a result over the course of my life I’ve had some pretty awesome adventures – including traveling all over the world on my own and inducing 3 major career changes, plus one in the works now. I’m no where near an adrenaline junkie, but I do love that feeling you get when you surprise even yourself.

  6. erikabeyk says:

    Living healthy is good ,but why not trying natural beauty products ,I think this is a good combination. I hope you have fun with it 🙂

  7. Your holidays and new businesses have been a great source of fear and fun for you over the past month Terry!!
    But how wonderful you have pushed your boundaries forward into that learning place of growth – and beauty!
    I admire all your natural values for skincare, food and household products, and I adhere to these as much as possible too. My 2 businesses cover natural aloe vera drinks, skincare, make-up,personal and household and now pain relief – and this is definitely the way to go, eliminating man-made and chemical products as much as possible.
    Have much fun along the way Terry 🙂

  8. Hello Terry, “Out of My Comfort Zone”. This weekend I also stepped out of my comfort zone,and in doing so I have begun the process of taking concrete steps to moving my business to the next level. Thank you for sharing your story. – Peace & Blessings!, Phyllis

  9. Getting out of the comfort zone is the best thing we can do for our soul at times in our lives. We get so secure in our surroundings and jobs and we miss out on the adventures of life and what life truly has to offer. FEAR of course is the #1 reason to stay in our Comfort Zones! Of course, the other side of fear is doubt…..So to examine and surrender to something bigger than us – our creator, our GOD, our Source energy is the first step in trusting that everything is always working out for us!

    In gratitude!

  10. becc03 says:

    I need to take a leaf out of your book and get out of my comfort zone. You are a whirlwind, keep going 🙂

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