Mothers, Memories and Me

DSC_0007Nothing like Mother’s Day to bring to mind strong feelings whether you are a mother, too young to be a mother, never wished to be a mother, or were denied the privilege of being a mother.  The Facebook Posts remind us that this day is tomorrow. One such post on Facebook said that it is not about us.. it is about our Mother’s .. and that is true, but Mother’s Day to me, is still a special day for ME –  filled with memories, thankfulness, sadness and regrets, but I think most of all filled with love, pride and happiness.

I have lived much longer now than I have ever had a mother.  So although I am thankful for the fact that I had a loving mother for 16 years of my life, and thank her often for traits I see in myself and my sisters, my life with a mother is a bit of a blur. My memories are faded and influenced by black and white snapshots of our life together. I hope that I am like her in some ways, as there aren’t very many people in this world who knew her who didn’t like her and admire her. Intelligent, humble, kind, a bit feisty, caring, awesome seamstress, caring mother and great friend. Those would be some of the qualities that stand out.

I was blessed with an awesome mother in law with many of the same qualities, who welcomed me to the family with open arms and treated me like a daughter. Unfortunately  I had a step mother who often turned out inadequate in the mother department.  Not her fault, she inherited three teens and had no children of her own.

I buried three of my children, born much too soon, and unable to sustain life.  I don’t let that colour my Mother’s Day as this day  is not about the past to me, but the present.

There is nothing that makes Mother’s Day more special to me than to know that my children are happy, successful and living life the way they want to. Watching my beautiful daughter get married last month was a special time, and reminded me how blessed I am. I was also reminded as I watched all my children interact with those they love and those they just met,  that all my children also have  the qualities that I admired in my own mother – kind, intelligent, caring, purposeful, and make great friendships. Yes, and maybe a bit feisty !!

I am also so proud of the two “in law ” children that I hope will remember me as the kind of mother in law that I remember having.  I am also pleased  that both my married children have in-law families that love them as their own.

And that makes Mother’s Day a special day to me. Not that the phone calls and best wishes  and maybe a special meal made by dear hubby don’t help make the day special, but the greatest wish a mother has is for her children to be happy.

And they are.

My prayers have been answered…. and I am sure  many more to come !

About Terry Jago

Retired nurse manager interested in living my best life with natural and healthy living choices.
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