Changes – takes a bit of getting used to

And one dayHow is Retirement?  Almost daily that is the question to me.. and to be honest I have to answer “just beginning”.

I retired on October 31st from a 45 yr career in nursing. My fears at first when deciding was “am I still a nurse without the job ” but fortunately or unfortunately I have been using my nursing knowledge in a couple of different directions lately.

I am fortunate in that when I take in some information re treatments, diagnoses and practical approaches ( I am a confessed addict of Dr Radio on Sirius XM radio and of Natural health websites and Facebook posts), I can keep that information in this brain. I fear the day that I won’t know what to say when someone calls with a “medical question” but that has not been true so far. So I will put that fear aside.

November and December flew by without any start to what are my retirement goals:

  1. Continue my Yoga practices so that 3-4 times a week is my norm
  2. Yoga more during the day rather than when it delays supper – or is this goal to plan suppers ??
  3.  Some sort of aerobic exercise to keep me fit, my bones healthy and perhaps socialization too ( walking track at the Yara Centre is part of that plan )
  4. Reconnect with people that sometimes I just didn’t have energy  to do when working full time and doing life.
  5. Stay  in touch with some of the people from my work life
  6. Eat healthy, learn about supplements, essential oils and all those healthy things
  7. Keep my house clean and tidy so I don’t have to have a fear of people dropping in – being a clutter bug doesn’t help this one !
  8. Write – I have some secret plans for that
  9. Scrapbook – my basement is ready with the foose ball table finding a new home
  10. Learn photography
  11. Continue my entrepreneur activities
  12. Some days just do whatever I please ( which this week is Season 5 of Homeland ( my other addiction ) which I discovered is on a feature on my TV subscription that I cancelled at the end of my billing period so that is a ” Netflix like binge”

Wow.. a daunting list !!

To add some humour into this post is  to imagine me – a hopeless klutz with a left right dyslexia problem deciding that a dance fit class would be one of the things I try. So with water bottle in tow, and a friend who promised not to laugh beside me – I risked today.  I forgot the towel for the “Dokken Sweats” that have plagued me long before “the change”. (my dad used to wring out a handkerchief after dancing.. he had very good rhythm but the similar ability to pour water our of his head.)  Lessons learned – it is useless to shower prior to dance fit class and one needs to find someone to copy ( the lady in the pink shirt was chosen as she has got it down pat- I hope she is there next week! )  But I enjoyed myself and hope that the “oh no I have gone right instead of left” or ” you want me to actually do a two step?”  wasn’t caught on a blackmail  tape because I am going back !!

Rhythm was never my thing. I think it hampered those piano lessons from Sister Reginalda at the Convent who never really figured out that Terry has to HEAR the music to play it due to no inborn rhythm.  One of my most humiliating life experiences was being held back in gym dancing classes for “mocking the class”. Behind the stage, the gym instructor made me try the dance over and over until she gave up and said ” I guess you were for real.” Then to explain to the next teacher that I had detention in gym. You have to know that then I was the shy kid with absolutely no rebellion in me.. that came later. My hubby, a born dancer with rhythm soon learned to ask other ladies to dance the all those fancy dances that require left/right awareness, while I just enjoyed watching.

Now you know why DanceFit was a risk ??

But perhaps retirement needs some risk.. I am not up to wearing purple yet .. but risk – it can be fun.

How is retirement ? just beginning.



About Terry Jago

Retired nurse manager interested in living my best life with natural and healthy living choices.
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3 Responses to Changes – takes a bit of getting used to

  1. rozbeads says:

    Speaking to you as a retired career counselor, YES, you will always be a Nurse- even without a job. That was one of the hardest ideas to convey to an unemployed professional which I did for 30 wonderful years. Now, I am supposed to be retired but during one of those periods when I was exploring new activities I took a beading class & fell in love. Over time my hobby became a business, joined by my artsy daughter & I am learning social media marketing at age 76. Challenging and exciting. Welcome.

  2. kimdalferes says:

    I know I’m going to have to ease into retirement, I don’t think I can quit working cold turkey. But it would be nice to have a little more control over my own schedule. More time for yoga – YAY!

  3. Suzie Cheel says:

    As i will probably never really retire and purple is my color of choice I say start with wearing purple, thanks for sharing your thought xx

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