Its Not about the Cake

MayaI consider myself a white evangelical Christian. Or at least I did until recently when that term has morphed into something very different from what I have always thought it was.

It is estimated that 81% of white evangelical Christian’s in the USA voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Although some say that these Christians really just voted against Hillary Clinton, I believe that Trump’s agenda  – to protect religious freedoms and to de-fund Planned Parenthood added to the reason many voted that way.   Others  voted just because they always have voted Republican. for whatever reason, I am having a hard time with these facts.

According to a January  2018 USA Today article, the Trump administration has furthered the Christian cause with conservative judicial appointments, (Neil Gorsuch and more recently Brett Kavanaugh) to the Supreme Court, anti-abortion actions, elevating religious protections, weighing in on Supreme Court case re the baker and gay wedding cake, recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel, allowing federal money to pay to rebuild churches after disasters, directing aid to persecuted Christians through faith-based groups, and doubling the tax credit for children. So, on the surface this sounds good. But what else have we gained ?

We’ve gained increased anti gay sentiments, and misogyny, decreased empathy for the women’s truth in sexual assault and harassment cases and increased awareness of blatant racism. We’ve gained  lack of understanding of the plight of our neighbours in countries that are torn with strife, war and gang violence. We’ve gained a Supreme Court justice who may or may not have sexually assaulted a women when he was a teen, is very politically motivated and has said he would like to reverse Roe v Wade in the future.

We’ve gained support for de-funding Planned Parenthood (the bill did not pass this time) which claims to be helping the anti abortion cause. However,  this organization doesn’t and never has received funding for abortion. So supporting de-funding of this organization only takes away their ability to supply birth control and information about sexually transmitted infections.  Their clients need information in order to have “safe sex” and prevent unplanned pregnancy but as these are the funded services, any reduction in funding will only affect these, no women’s access to abortion.  Instead of trying to de-fund the organization, lets offer and support services to women and men facing unplanned pregnancy or suffering grief after having chosen abortion. Instead of picketing those that perform abortions, let’s love those women who are making the most difficult decision of their lives and offer them options and support – just as Jesus would.

We have forgotten what the Bible teaches us about loving each other and loving our neighbours – not just the ones who look like us and think like us, but all of our neighbours. Let’s remember that Jesus approached and hung out with the least of these –  lepers, blind, handicapped, and Samaritans ( another race).

Two people I know told me recently of their trips to Germany and Austria and touring concentrations camps.  In the presentations, the greatest lesson these countries wish to tell you is not that this will never happen again…. but that we must be ever vigilant to the signs – as history is very likely to repeat itself.  Hear their fear!

The refusal to bake a cake for a gay marriage has been heard in the Supreme Court and influenced by the President.  What does this case say about us as Christians  ? Instead of refusing to bake the cake for a gay marriage, the Christian baker could have just  explained any restrictions he had on decorating- just like he would to any customer.  In my opinion, by baking a cake  he was not blessing their marriage, he was baking a cake!  In baking the cake and showing love to his potential customers, he  will speak much more of what it means to be a Christian than any refusal based on his beliefs on marriage.

We’ve focused on a US president who says he is a Christian yet mocks the poor, the handicapped, and the assaulted. We’ve allowed White Supremacist “freedom of speech”, Nationalist ideology, and ridiculing of the free press. As a Canadian, I see that what happens south of us has a huge impact on Canadians. Canadian politics are getting more divided – along some of these same lines. Some of the same extremism lives here as well. Many Canadian white evangelical Christians defend an American president who mocks, who has had many affairs, who paid off a lover, and likely “colluded” with a government to rig his election.  Not sounding like any biblical principles I have been taught!

There is no Roe V Wade (1973) in Canada, but in 1988 our abortion law was found unconstitutional, therefore there is no law in this regard. Before 1988, I saw physicians counsel young women to claim suicidal ideas in order to qualify.  When abortion is illegal, desperate women cannot even tell a trusted friend that they are considering having one and often end up in a back room dangerous situation. I saw the results of those – women nearly bleeding to death and emergency hysterectomies.   I worry that in our zest to try to get the world to conform to the laws of Christianity, we are losing the principle of loving one another.

I am seeing Christian values being more condemning than accepting, more excluding than including, and more hateful than loving. It is hard to call myself a White Evangelical Christian and make these opinions known.

If Christianity is about love – loving our neighbours as ourselves, then we need to take a look at what that means.  Really, it’s not about the cake – its about how you show love to the person that wants that cake.

For what will a man be profited, if he gains the whole world, and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35