About ME


I am a  nurse, recently retired from a management position. I am a wife, mother and grandmother and I love all those roles. I am excited about healthy living and would love to connect to people with common interests.

I am a God loving, God fearing woman and can be somewhat opinionated in my thinking.

I have been involved in health and business for a number of years.

My latest venture is Thirty One Gifts Canada.  This fun company just launched in Canada and you will love it.  www.mythirtyone.ca/terryjago or connect on my Facebook page 

I have been a BlackBox Cosmetics Independent Sales Associate since 2011.

Check out my  BlackBox Cosmetics business here :


or find me on Facebook:


My overall company name Terry’s All For You can be applied to all that I can offer you !

Can we connect ??

2 Responses to About ME

  1. Thank you for connecting with me on my nomorevanity blog site! God Bless in your wellness business and in all that you do:)

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