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Retired nurse manager interested in living my best life with natural and healthy living choices.

Bring Diamonds

“ Tell us again the story of how you met?” (Warning – rambling thoughts make long blog ) Yes the story of how my husband and I met and eventually married always causes some eyebrows to raise and is guaranteed … Continue reading

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Christmas Present and Christmas Past

There is always that big let down after Christmas when all family is gone and we are alone. More alone this year and the tears run down my cheeks. Grief is like that – days when you you are doing … Continue reading

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Its Not about the Cake

I consider myself a white evangelical Christian. Or at least I did until recently when that term has morphed into something very different from what I have always thought it was. It is estimated that 81% of white evangelical Christian’s … Continue reading

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Broken Hearts

 Tears are literally running down my cheeks.  Those who know me probably say “so what’s new”.  I used to say ” I cry at the Walton’s (a very dated example but you get the meaning). This is still true – … Continue reading

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Though the Mountains go into the sea…

This blog post was written in April but not made public.  I have changed some it to reflect the now.  I just could not make it public at the time. Unless my readers have been in a complete bubble, you … Continue reading

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Health care – imperfect yet necessary

Health Care and Medicine make mistakes. That is a hard pill for me to swallow some days.  I feel a need to defend. I feel a need to complain. I feel a need to have compassion. I feel conflicted. The sad … Continue reading

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Gentle not Nasty -A rebuttal to Ashley

Women joined all over the world to protest in peaceful marches to draw attention to women’s issues – the march prompted by President Trump’s sexist, demeaning comments about women and potential policy changes.  In most countries women’s issues need to be addressed.  It is in the way we draw attention to these issues that makes […]

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