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Retired nurse manager interested in living my best life with natural and healthy living choices.

Health care – imperfect yet necessary

Health Care and Medicine make mistakes. That is a hard pill for me to swallow some days.  I feel a need to defend. I feel a need to complain. I feel a need to have compassion. I feel conflicted. The sad … Continue reading

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Gentle not Nasty -A rebuttal to Ashley

Women joined all over the world to protest in peaceful marches to draw attention to women’s issues – the march prompted by President Trump’s sexist, demeaning comments about women and potential policy changes.  In most countries women’s issues need to be addressed.  It is in the way we draw attention to these issues that makes […]

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My Life is in Your Hands

I have always had a bit of a control problem though I do manage it much better than I did when I was younger. I am sure the fact that I was put “in charge” at a very young age, … Continue reading

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Enjoying an online presence

Sometimes its scary isn’t it ? Knowing that people can find out “stuff” about you from just googling your name. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend you do so. See what people can find about you. Getting rid of … Continue reading

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Exercising Caution in an Electronic World

I have a variety of friends who have varied views on how visible they should be online. Some avoid it at all costs – using both emailing and internet searches sparingly. In fact, some of my age group don’t even … Continue reading

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Partisan Politics or Provincial Power?

Last  week our government defeated a bill that could change the lives of many.  Did they do it as some articles say  for “partisan ” reasons ? Or do they really have other plans and much money put into provincial donor … Continue reading

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Sliding down a slippery slope

  Do we have the right to die in the way we want, when we want and how we want ? The Supreme Court gave our parliament until June 6, 2016 to pass a law allowing physician assisted dying.  As … Continue reading

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