About BlackBox Cosmetics

BlackBox Cosmetics was born out of a health professional’s desire to find a natural and non-toxic way to dramatically reduce the signs of aging and improve the overall health and condition of his skin.

Founder Kevin B. Evans was disheartened to find a skin-care industry wrought with products that offered low to no nutritional value, listed water as the #1 ingredient (often close to 75%), contained harsh chemicals, and contained formaldehyde releasing preservatives & carcinogens. Almost all products researched were  packaged in wide open-mouth jars, which reduced the low level of nutrients even further.

This research led him to BlackBox’s  unique designs:

  • An air-tight system allows the products  to be organically & botanically preserved and therefore remove harmful preservatives, formaldehyde, sulfates, and chemicals that often contain carcinogens.
  • The airless cartridge rests inside a beautiful acrylic shell and can be removed and recycled once empty. A new cartridge with a fresh supply of product is reinserted.
  • Every product in the BlackBox Cosmetics’ arsenal was inspired, designed, and created to nourish, heal, and protect… while reducing the signs of aging.
  • Each BlackBox product on its own is a unique blend of the most advanced age-reversing & rejuvenating skin-care nutrients on the planet.
  • Packed with high concentrations of collagen-building and free-radical destroying vitamins, botanicals, and special ingredients.
  • Geniskin, our acne and troubled skin line contains the same healing nutrients, so it not only kills the bacteria that often causes acne and skin problems but heals and feeds the skin.
  • VuDu shampoo and Conditioner in three different formulations is a paraban and sulphate free, natural, waterless hair care product that will amaze you !

  •  We believe our products  are in a category all by themselves. They are much higher in active compounds & nutrients, more potent, better for the environment, air & light protected, and are often considerably less expensive than some of the worst products on the market.  The products were created with both women AND men in mind

When you ​shop through me​, you shop on a replicated shopping cart through BlackBox Cosmetics – all the product is shipped from the company, paid for through the company, and freshly made.

Check out more about BlackBox Cosmetics products by going to my website !


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